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The First Private Oil Refinery Company Operating in Indonesia.

We, PT. Tri Wahana Universal, are the first private owned oil refining company in Indonesia. It is such an honour for us to give real contribution for both of local community and national economy.

Located at Sumengko Village - Kalitidu, Bojonegoro District, East Java, the first oil refining plant, 6.000 barrel per day crude oil capacity, has been operated since January 2010 in accordance with The Decree of Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources No.26608.K/10/DJM.O/2009 regarding Business License Petroleum Processing of PT. Tri Wahana Universal.

We refine crude oil from Mobil Cepu Limited (MCL) production facilities location through pipeline along 5 kilometers and produce best quality petroleum products, such as : High Speed Diesel (HSD), Straight Run Gasoline (SRG)/Light Naphta, High Vacuum Gasoil (HVGO) and Vacuum Tower Bottom (VTB). Currently, our main HSD buyers are PT. Pertamina (Persero) and its affiliated, while the other products are consumed by domestic and foreign buyers.

Increasing production capacity and investing the new innovation and modern technology will always be our continuous projects. In the mid 2013, we have succeeded to enhance our production capacity up to 18.000 barrel per day in which allows us to supply more industrial fuel products for Indonesian market. This is also our responsibility to support Indonesian Government to reduce dependence on imported fuels.

We have the best local and professional people and use their expertise and experience to ensure on conducting our good business. We are strongly committed to be competitive oil refining company and always place the top priority on employee’s safety, eco-friendliness, as well as customer satisfaction which is in line with our motto: Safely, Quickly, Efficiently.

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