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The First Private Oil Refinery Company Operating in Indonesia.

TWU Social Economic Contribution

LPPM UGM has conducted research where in 2014, the presence of TWU presented a multiplier effect which had a significant positive impact, this can be seen from several aspects, such as:


  • In terms of economic added value, IDR 1.3T (IDR 896,000 per capita) at the district level, Bojonegoro. IDR 2.6T (IDR 139,000 per capita at the East Java Province level and IDR 9.8T (IDR 40,000 per capita) Nationally
  • In terms of job creation, there was an increase of 5,344 people at the district level. Bojonegoro, 27,213 at the Prop level. East Java, and 112,196 at the National level
  • In terms of household income, there was an increase of IDR 112.7 billion at the district level. Bojonegoro, IDR 327.4 billion at the Prop. East Java, and IDR 10.4T nationally