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Straight Run Gasoline

SRG (Straight Run Gasoline)

Straight Run Gasoline (also known as ‘Light Naphta’) is obtained in petroleum refineries as one of the intermediate products from the distillation of crude oil. It is a liquid intermediate between the light gases in the crude oil and the heavier liquid kerosene. It is used primarily as feedstock for producing high octane gasoline. It is also used in the petrochemical industry for producing olefins in steams crackers, and the chemical industry for solvent application.

Advantages of SRG TWU :

  1. - Has a low flashpoint. .
  2. - Easy to burn and use as a solvent.
  3. - White and clear color


Use of SRG TWU :

  1. - As a solvent and thinner (paint, thinner, glue).
  2. - Can be processed into olefin compounds.